The Young Liberal Movement is absolutely committed to being a stronger campaigning force to support the Liberal Party’s electoral efforts at federal, state and territory elections. Between now and 2020, there will be elections in almost every state and at the federal level.


While there are many theories about how best to defeat GetUp and Labor, one thing is very clear: the Liberal Party needs to significantly increase its ground game ahead of the next election.

The Young Liberal Movement is a force of around 10,000 young people right around Australia most of whom have a fair degree of campaign experience. Regrettably for many years, there has been a failure to professionalise and capitalise on this enormous resource and expertise gained during individual election periods tends to dissipate between elections. 

The Young Liberals are the most important campaigning resource we have and this strategy is designed to build a stronger Movement by investing in our people to ensure we are best placed to win every election between now and 2020.

We’re pleased to say that this strategy has been supported by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, key Members and Senators, and the Federal Secretariat of the Liberal Party.


“The Young  Liberals are a very strong Youth Movement - they are the future of the Liberal Party in every respect. 
We want to get your insights and your dynamism because it's been a key part of every campaign I've been involved in.”

Prime Minister, the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP

The Plan

Victory2020 operates on the simple premise that Young Liberals are our greatest asset and we need to trust, respect and invest in our people. 

This strategy will:

  • Upskill and enhance our membership to take more responsibility in campaigns;
  • Build a stronger party infrastructure to support on-the-ground campaigning efforts, including tracking skill and performance levels; and
  • Identify talented campaigners and create professional pathways to keep them involved in the party with a view to mobilising that campaign experience.

This strategy takes important lessons from overseas so that we have the best practice campaigning skills here in Australia. Feeding into this, Federal President Aiden Depiazzi and Federal Vice President Josh Manuatu have already announced a Development Grants programme to invest in our membership.

Get Involved

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