The Federal Government’s university reforms unveiled by Education Minister Simon Birmingham will benefit young Australians into the future according to the Young Liberal Movement of Australia.

“These reforms will ensure that Australian universities are internationally competitive and will make our educational institutions more sustainable in the future,” Federal President Aiden Depiazzi said.

“There is no doubt that young Australians who complete tertiary education benefit significantly from higher earnings over their working life and therefore a slight recalibration in fees is very small in comparison.”

“It’s laughable that left-wing student unions are already running a scare campaign on these reforms yet refuse to support our Movement’s call for the abolition of the Student Services and Amenities Fee, which rips more than $100 million from students every year, undemocratically and with minimal scrutiny.”

“We will be strongly encouraging the Parliament to support these very welcome reforms, which will reduce waste and present more young Australians with the opportunity to gain tertiary qualifications.”

"These reforms will also assist in reducing the ticking debt bomb which, unless dealt with now, will mean higher taxes, fewer jobs, and slower economic growth for our generation in the future."

“I am appreciative that the Minister and his office continues to engage with our Movement on how to better support Australian students,” Mr Depiazzi concluded.