Australia’s peak centre-right youth political movement has welcomed the Government’s announcement on amending the Racial Discrimination Act and changing the operation of the Human Rights Commission.

The Young Liberal Movement made a submission to the Joint Standing Committee’s inquiry into Free Speech and was vocal in advocating for changes.

“The Government’s announcement today is a welcome step towards ensuring young Australians can never suffer the same abuses of process endured by the QUT students,” Federal President Aiden Depiazzi said.

"We specifically welcome the replacing 'offend, insult and humiliate' with 'harass', creating a new reasonableness test, making the Australian Human Rights Commission apply the rules of natural justice and creating a costs jurisdiction for unmeritorious claims," Mr Depiazzi said.

“The Human Rights Commission has abused its power one too many times and urgent reform is needed. While these reforms don’t go as far as what we have advocated, they will help to ensure young people are protected from the very real threat 18C has posed,” Mr Depiazzi said.  

“While the QUT case was thrown out, it took four years, trashed reputations and more than $30,000 just for the students to be found innocent – we think that’s wrong,” Federal Vice President Josh Manuatu said.

“Our Save Free Speech campaign has been hugely successful with hundreds of young Australians signing up for free speech and helping us to cut through to Liberal Members and Senators about the need for change,” Mr Manuatu said.

“We will continue to advocate for these important reforms to ensure that the Government’s proposal can pass the Parliament,” Mr Manuatu concluded.