It’s an enormous honour to have been elected as the new Federal President of the Young Liberals over the weekend and I wanted to outline my plan to make our Movement even stronger.

StaltariWe are the largest and most active youth political movement in the country and, thanks to the incredible work of my predecessors Aiden Depiazzi and Josh Manuatu, our Movement is now in the strongest position that it ever has been. I will use that as a foundation to further bolster the profile and potency of our Movement nationwide.

Over coming months, our efforts will focus firmly on the campaign effort – both on ensuring that Scott Morrison and the Federal Liberal Government are re-elected, and also on making the case directly to young Australians about the critical role that Liberal values and policies must play in building a brighter and more prosperous future.

Across the country, hundreds of active and passionate Young Liberals stand ready to fight for outstanding Liberal Members and candidates, and to convince other young Australians about the huge damage that a socialist Shorten Labor Government would do to their future opportunities.

Under my leadership, the Young Liberals will also continue to stand up for our shared Liberal values, as espoused by Sir Robert Menzies in his ‘We Believe’ statement, and to make the case, lead the charge and deliver results on the key policy and advocacy priorities of our Movement. We will do this by sustaining the Movement’s highly successful digital media campaigns and continuing to take our views directly to Parliamentarians.

But these important things can’t be achieved without the help of our tireless members, supporters and alumni. I’m looking forward, alongside Vice-President Jocelyn Sutcliffe and my Executive Team, to working with all Young Liberals to further strengthen our Movement over the crucial year ahead.

Liam Staltari, Federal Young Liberal President