The Federal Liberal Government has just announced that it will commission a review of freedom of speech, to be conducted by former High Court chief justice Robert French, at universities following the countless examples of the oppressive left shutting down debate and centre-right thought on campus.

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At the Liberal Party's Federal Council, a number of key policy motions put forward by our Movement were passed. This again highlights that we are making the case, leading the charge and delivering results.

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At the Liberal Party's 2018 Federal Council, Federal Young Liberal President Josh Manuatu successfully moved:

This Federal Council calls on the Federal Government to relocate the Australian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and to suspend aid to the Palestinian Authority until it terminates its ‘Martyrs’ Fund.

The motion was passed 44 votes to 37.

WATCH Federal President Josh Manuatu's speech here:


ABC’s politically correct move is damaging The ABC’s decision to move the Triple J hottest 100 from Australia Day to the fourth weekend in January is just the latest example of political correctness gone mad, according to Australia’s largest youth political movement.

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