According to the Federal Liberal Party's Constitution and Regulations, there are two Officers elected at each Federal Council – the Federal President and Vice President. The voting members of the Federal Executive are the Federal President and Vice President along with Divisional Presidents. Appointed Federal Officers support the President and Vice President.

Elected Officers

Federal President - Michael Heydon

Federal Vice-President - Clark Cooley

Michael and Clark were elected on 26 January 2021.

Appointed Officers

Federal Secretary - Jackson Franks

Federal Treasurer - Elliot Howitt-Ross

Federal Campaigns Director - Connor Andreatidis

Federal Membership Engagement Director - Taylor Birchnell

Divisional Presidents

Australian Capital Territory - Connor Andreatidis

New South Wales - Deyi Wu

Queensland - Jackson Franks

South Australia - Aric Pierce

Tasmania - Ben Jacobson

Victoria  - Andrew Masanauskas

Western Australia - Lewis Hutton