Tasmanian Election - from Devonport to Launceston

Today, the Northern EDO’s and fellow Young Liberal campaigners started the day early with our drive to the coastal city of Devonport. We were entering ‘God’s country’: the picturesque coastline and vast farmlands of Braddon complimented the well-known fact of the abundance of churches that are scattered across the electorate.

We caught up with one of the candidates, Felix Ellis, for wobble-boarding, letter-boxing and door-knocking  before heading to Burnie further west. We met up with the Premier, more Liberal members and candidates for lunch including Joan Rylah, Adam Brooks and Roger Janesch, whilst doing further walks and spreading the strong Liberal campaign message for a majority government. Penguin was our next stop on our north-western drive and then back to Devonport in the mid-afternoon to support the ‘Love Your Local’ pubs and clubs campaign against the ban of pokies. 

This fight has been crucial in the campaign to stand-up for what we believe in: freedom of the individual, as Liberals, we believe that families and small business should choose how to better spend their money rather than government unnecessarily intervening and creating a nanny state. Darcy dosen’t want Tassie to become what Queensland is and Alex doesn’t just agree; we have received very encouraging feedback and community support for the Hodgman government’s economic plan!! 2018 edotas creighton

On the contrary, the Young Liberals team has yet to see one Labor campaigner and more than two Greens. The Nurses Union also demonstrated yesterday how low they can go by deceiving Launceston Cup race goers by handing out “lolly bags” of which were tissues with lies about the “crisis” in the health system, despite under this Liberal government, improvements have been made in key indicators such as lower elective waiting lists and more nurses. This opposition simply has nothing to campaign on as Tasmanians read through this and know that there are better times ahead under the Libs. 

Finally, tonight we will have dinner with Guy Barnett, Member for Lyons, in Launceston; we are very thankful for his appreciation of our support through the EDO program. 

Darcy Creighton is a member of the Young LNP (Queensland) and Alex Mishalow is a member of the NSW Young Liberals