South Australian Election - Keeping Schubert Liberal

It has been a busy few days in the seat of Schubert, South Australia! Stephan Knoll is fighting hard to retain his position in an area that was once solidly liberal, but now has come under the threat of SA Best, Nick Xenophon’s ticket. Stephan and his team have been fighting hard to ensure that Schubert remains in the hands of the Liberals.

2018 SA PryceOn Friday we spent the day door knocking areas around Nuriootpa, or ‘Nuri’. It is already clear that the people here are very supportive of Stephan and the Liberals as they are the only team that can provide strong leadership and bring change to the South Australian Government after being in Labor hands for over 16 years. The Schubert campaign has made use of the latest technology when door knocking, which has enabled us to target specific houses to door knock, allowing for an efficient use of our time.

The Tanunda Show was held on Saturday, so Stephan and the team spent the day here meeting the locals of the electorate. Again, it is clear that the Liberals have a strong backing in Schubert. Voters simply cannot risk voting for the SA Best candidate, who has no plan for the area at all. Nor can they commit themselves to a further 16 years of Labor, who have caused problems throughout the entire electorate as well as the state. Federal Member for Barker, Tony Pasin, was also at the Tanunda Show meeting the locals. Throughout the day Stephan and Tony competed in a ‘Kegel’ competition, an old style of German bowling that is still played in the Barossa Valley. A great way to meet people!

Today we travelled to the electorate of Frome and helped out with some door-knocking in Clare for Kendall Jackson. Although it was a hot day we managed to do very well and meet a lot of people. Clare is an important seat for this election as last time the ‘independent’ candidate Geoff Brock sided with Labor in a hung parliament. Clare voters know that they cannot let this happen again and will be putting the Liberals first! They know that Labor cannot retain control of Government any longer, and that a strong Liberal Government with a real plan for South Australia’s future is the only answer.

The EDO program has provided the seat of Schubert much needed assistance in helping to fight for a strong Liberal Government in South Australia. We are hoping for a well-deserved win on Election Day!

Kate Pryce is a member of the Western Australian Young Liberals.