Queensland Election - Toowoomba North

We’ve been fortunate enough to spend the week right in the middle of the action in Toowoomba North (LNP, 1.6%). The sitting MP, Trevor Watts, has generously hosted us at his house, in what has shaped up to be an exciting yet very busy week.

2017 qldedo beeWe’ve spent the bulk of our time so far phone canvassing Toowoomba North voters. While of course there have been people who haven’t been supportive, there’s been a lot of positive feedback, and this is in large part a reflection of Trevor’s hard work over the past five years holding this highly marginal electorate. Nevertheless, with the former Labor MP and his CFMEU thugs doggedly determined to beat Trevor, and One Nation directing preferences to the Labor Party, this election will be hard-fought till the close of polls on Saturday.

This week certainly has brought out the best of what makes regional Queensland so great, whether it be the often candid and honest opinions on issues that concern them or the intolerance for anything other than a chat about the upcoming Ashes. The weather has been beautiful; Toowoomba is inland and nestled in the Darling Ranges, making for perfect, sunny but not torrid conditions.

In addition to phone canvassing, we’ve spent time on pre-poll, waved signs, and helped paint Toowoomba blue with Trevor’s signs. On Tuesday night, we attended a debate between Trevor and the other candidates. Trevor stayed positive and on-message, while the Labor candidate resorted to arrogance and negativity, and the One Nation candidate struggled to articulate any policies at all. It reinforced the feedback we’ve been receiving phone canvassing, and we’re optimistic that Trevor will be re-elected. That said, no one on the ground here is taking anything for granted; everyone has been working tirelessly to ensure the right result come Saturday. 

Darcy Bee-Hickman and Ben Dennehy are ACT Young Liberals and Daniel Glynn-Roe is a South Australian Young Liberal

2017 qldedo bee2