Day 6 - Joondalup and Burns Beach

The fight for the northern suburbs seats of Joondalup and Burns Beach has really been heating up in this final weekend of the campaign. For the Barnett Government to hold onto majority we must hold these two seats. Jan Norberger MP and Albert Jacob MP both have excellent records as local MPs and highly dedicated and organised volunteer teams behind them - this combination is going to make it very challenging for Labor to take the seats.

IMG 4492This morning Benjamin Joseph (Tas) and myself prepared corflutes for roll out on Election Day. I maintain any party member would do well to purchase shares in whomever manufacturers cable ties.

After a light lunch, despite the seriously uncomfortable humid heat, we headed out door knocking. At this late stage the key messages up here are the Liberal's commitment of $251 Million to properly build the Ocean Reef Marina creating hundreds of jobs, and the $140 million expansion of the Joondalup Hospital.
Although a number of constituents had clearly gone on holiday for the long weekend, most that we talked to engaged with the importance of these major projects for the area and had good reviews of the two MPs. Keeping us on our toes though it was quickly evident that Labor had been busy door knocking the area only a few hours prior.
Being an Electoral Development Officer has already been a huge amount of fun. Being the only Victorian in the program I hope to do my division proud in this fierce fight north of Perth.
Charles Pruden is a Victorian Young Liberal