Day 4 - Thornlie, Riverton & Blue Army HQ

A long hot day here in Western Australia fighting against Labor's secret new taxes on hardworking families.

CooleyEDOI spent the day with Rob Coales, our candidate for Thornlie. Rob's a former local police sergeant who is committed to the local community and the families of Thornlie. Crime is a big problem in Thornlie, and only the Liberals tough new  $100 million plan on mandatory minimums for meth dealers will provide the protection to the community and the rehabilitation to the victims of this epidemic.

We spent the morning wobble boarding, with a number of commuters honking, waving and giving us waves, showing that Rob's tireless work door knocking over the past 7 months has really paid off. We spent the morning at local pre-poll centres, with a huge turn out from locals who didn't feel like standing the the Western Australian heat this Saturday. Reports show that upto 30% of voters will vote before the election date, that's why it's so important that we have a strong presence at the polling station.

After a frozen coke at the local Maccas we spent doing what Rob does best, door knocking the homes of Thornlie. Transport was a big issue when talking to the people, and Mark McGowans unfunded promises that will put the state further in debt. Only the Liberals funded commitments will deliver a strong economic future, and new jobs for WA.

Following on was an evening of phone canvassing in Blue Army HQ in Perth, promoting the Liberals positive plan for WA, bringing new jobs and critical infrastructure to the state.

Only 4 days to go, it's going to be a busy few days ahead.

Clark Cooley is a member of the Tasmanian Young Liberals