Day 3 - the Premier, a giant bird & Hillarys

A few days ago I flew over to Western Australia to help the Liberals continue to rule the roost. I've been campaigning for few days in Hillarys, a northern coastal electorate, for Liberal candidate Peter Katsambanis.

BlacketerEDOThe big highlight for today was the Premier and Deputy Premier's visit to the electorate to meet residents. The Liberal team arrived at Westfield, with their hands all warmed up to do some shaking. As well as the Liberal Team, also present was a flock of journalists, a featherweight independent and local man dressed as a crow. Clearly, my coming to WA had been worthwhile, just for this moment.

While Katsambanis and the two Leaders met with locals, they were serenaded by delightful sounds of cawing from the giant bird. As the Premier discussed the plan for power, education investment, and fixing the debt, the giant bird began to shout about his objections to how ROE 8 will take thousands of dangerous trucks off suburban streets, and improve Perth Harbour by building a dedicated freight road. Despite the giant crow, people still flocked to give Colin Barnett and Liza Harvey their support, by voting Liberal in Hillarys.

While the team ordered coffee and met some Hillarys business owners, the crow finally figured out that his sign was upside down, and managed to get his feathered head to sit straight. With his signage and plummage sorted, the birdman was ready to ask some questions. Before he could make a serious point, however, he got confused about the Premiers scientific credentials. Eventually the crow was led off by Westfield security, in a clear sign of Westfields anti-crow agenda.


(Not pictured: the giant crows plan for making Perth's streets safer)

Other, less avian campaigning I did today included hanging a banner over the Mitchell Freeway, highlighting our promise to add a new lane, fixing the grid of cars that were waiting beneath us, and handing out how to vote cards at pre-poll.

Its been an absolute pleasure and to help with vitally important work of making sure that Western Australia continues to have strong Liberal leadership, and to help Make Hillarys Great Again.

Henry Blacketer is a member of the South Australian Young Liberals