The Challenges We Face

Our international imports have been severely reduced, forcing many Australians to re-evaluate the need for local industry in Australia. This will undoubtedly become a major talking point for our political opposition for years to come. Our opposition have been torn, warring over this exact topic, a populist left-wing group will inevitably appeal to a disenfranchised base of Australians. We must be careful that the politics of fear and distrust do not become our politics, instead we should face the harsh realities of our industry and better realise our national security needs, but remain open to free trade. An additional point of interest, again often undiscussed has been the affect this will have on our international export markets. With many nation’s looking elsewhere for manufacturing and technical skill, we are provided an opportunity that I am confident we can fill. Whether that be, playing a more substantial role in global food exports or production of high-quality products such as technology or entertainment. Instead of seeing these changes as challenges, we should instead paint them as opportunities.

Through these challenges, there can be no doubt our Prime Minister and his leadership team have been exceptional. Our Party has withstood some truly challenging times, but few critics would disagree that the challenges that Scott Morrison has faced have been amongst the most challenging. Truly emblematic acts of determination, grit and courage in the face of adversity, have been shown from day one. It must also be said that these traits have not only been on display from our party’s leadership, but our public service as well. Truly disciplined, calm and methodical responses from our men and women who occupy government departments have assisted our nation respond to the uncertainty of our current environment. While 2020 will not be forgotten for many years, it is our Australian spirit and fondness for mateship and teamwork that will help us through this crisis.

Ben Dennehy is the ACT Young Liberal President.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Young Liberal Movement of Australia.