75 years on, what does the future hold for the Liberal Party?

It’s rare in the course of history that one can pinpoint the exact moment when the trajectory of a nation was changed for the better – which makes the anniversary we celebrate today all the more important. 75 years ago to the day when Sir Robert Menzies delivered his Forgotten People speech, few would have imagined that decades later, future generations would continue to draw inspiration and guidance from those instrumental 3,000 words.

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We must deal with the debt monkey

It’s a question often asked and rarely properly answered: ‘what is the purpose of the Young Liberals?’. While we play a vital role in electing Members of Parliament by providing campaign muscle and we often play an important role in providing some backbone to our elected members where it’s needed ­– I think we can and should be playing a much more prominent role in championing our policy platform, internally, publicly and directly to decision-makers.

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Menzies’ Vision is Strong

The Young Liberal Movement traces its origins to the earliest days of Robert Gordon Menzies’ efforts to build an effective political force to combat socialism and defend the principles of family, individual liberty, and free enterprise. History has since affirmed what Menzies knew to be the case: that the Liberal Party would never amount to a serious alternative to Labor without a strong, active youth wing at its philosophical heart.

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