Ben Riley - President

Ben RileyBen Riley has been a member of the Young LNP/Young Liberals since 2004. In that time he has served on numerous executives in a variety of positions, most notably as current President of the YLNP and former President of the University of Queensland Liberal Club from 2006-2009.

Ben has taken part in campaigns at Federal, State and Local levels, as well as several student elections where he played a central role in student politics at University of Queensland.

Throughout his time at University, Ben represented students as a member of the UQ Senate, the Academic Board, and Treasurer of the Student Union amongst other University and Union based roles, as well as attending numerous Australian Liberal Students Federation (ALSF), National Union of Students (NUS) and Liberty and Society conferences.

As a result of his experiences Ben has developed a keen interest in finding new and innovative ways to campaign against Fabians, lefties and union bosses alike and looks forward to implementing them within the YLNP and Young Liberals.


Chris Browne - Vice-President

Chris BrowneChris Browne has been a member of the Young Liberals since 2005.

He is a former President of the Adelaide University Liberal Club and is a life member of that organisation. Since completing his Bachelor of Commerce in 2009, he spent three years as the State Vice President of the SA Young Liberal Division and subsequently served as SA President.

Chris was appointed the Federal Young Liberal Publications Director in 2012 and then Secretary in 2013.

He has been involved in every state and federal campaign in South Australia since joining the Party and has developed a keen interest in policy development.


David Howard - Secretary


David Howard currently works in a commercial law firm and attends the Australian National University, studying Commerce and Law. He has been involved in the Young Liberals since he joined in 2009 and is a former President of the ACT Young Liberals.

David is also active in Liberal students and serves as the Treasurer of the Australian Liberal Students Federation. From 2011-2013 he was President of the ANU Liberal Club and is a life member of the club.

He has a strong interest in international trade and the development Australia’s agricultural industry. 


Travis Munckton - Secretary


As well as serving as Federal Treasurer, Travis Munckton is currently the State Vice-President of the South Australian Young Liberal division.

He has served in various roles at executive level in the Movement and the senior party for a number of years, including Policy Vice-President and Editor of the SAYLM magazine, Ad-Lib.

In the past he has briefly worked for two Liberal parliamentarians before beginning a career in the marketing sector.


Tom White - Immediate Past-President

Tom WhiteTom was elected President of the Western Australian Young Liberals in September 2010, having also served as the President of the UWA Liberal Club, the President of the Western Australian Union of Liberal Students, and the Secretary of the Australian Liberal Students' Federation.

During his term as UWA Liberal Club President, Tom won a seat on the UWA Guild Council, having run as the inaugural presidential candidate for Liberty, a team which went on to achieve a convincing victory at the 2011 elections.

In late 2011, Tom spent two months in Washington, D.C. working with a leading conservative campaign organisation, and has worked for a Western Australian Senator. He is currently employed in a State Government Ministerial office in Perth.



Adam McKee - Campaigns Director


Adam McKee is a member of the Victorian Young Liberal Movement and works in the office of a member of the Australian Parliament.

Adam has previously served as an adviser to a first-term member of the Victorian Parliament.

Adam completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Melbourne in 2007 and a Masters of Teaching in 2010. During this time, Adam served as a staff member to three Senators working in office administration, constituent liaison and general research.

Adam has a strong interest in political campaigning and has worked on a number of state and federal elections at a grass roots level. In 2009 he travelled to the United States of America to undertake training at a leading conservative think-tank and also worked on a successful Republican Party campaign for the Governorship of Virginia and other local races.

Adam completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Melbourne in 2007 and a Masters of Teaching in 2010.





Aiden Depiazzi - Events Director


Aiden Depiazzi has been a member of the Liberal Party in Western Australia since 2010. He is currently the Treasurer, and has previously served as Vice President, of the Western Australian Young Liberals

Aiden studies economics, mathematics and statistics at the University of Western Australia. While at university, Aiden has played a key role in student politics, including managing the campaign for the Liberty ticket in 2013, leading it to a record high primary vote. Aiden is a current member of the UWA Guild Council and has been a strong voice for voluntary student unionism and against Labor's student services and amenities fee. Aiden is also the Vice President of the economics and commerce students' society at UWA.

Aiden currently works as a research assistant at UWA's Economics Department, with a focus on fiscal policy and good governance.



Claire Chandler - Communications Director


Claire has been a member of the Liberal Party since 2010, serving in a number of both Young Liberal and senior party positions. Currently, she is Senior Vice President of the Tasmanian Young Liberal Movement and sits on the executive of her electorate.

She recently completed her Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws at the University of Tasmania, where she was Vice-President of the Liberal Club and served as Education Officer and Societies President of the Student Union.

 Claire works as an analyst in a professional services firm in Hobart.




Josh Baker - ACT President

jb 99x130Josh is an ACT Young Liberal and currently attends the Australian National University, studying Business. His background is in web application development and design.

He has become more active in politics since his first year at University, having served on the executive of the ANU Liberal Club since early 2011. In 2012 he was also elected to the ACT Young Liberal Executive in the role of Secretary.

Josh has worked as an Electorate Officer for a State MP as well as for the Chief Opposition Whip in the Senate, along with having worked on websites for Liberal Party candidates and branches.


Hermann Vorster - QLD YLNP President

Hermann VorsterHermann was motivated to join the Young Liberals just days after the 2007 election after he recognized democracy was about more than just election day – it was about carrying flag and fighting the Left every day between.

Following a term on the Bond University Student Council and the presidency of the IT Students Association, Hermann was elected the president of the then Bond University Liberal Society.

In 2010, at his first meeting, Hermann was appointed the Treasurer of the Gold Coast Young LNP and went on to become Chair in the following year. In 2012 he was elected Vice President of the Young LNP.

Hermann worked as a programmer and manager at a family business for 5 years before joining the staff of a local federal MP. He now works in local government and represents industry as a board member of a regional business association.

Hermann was elected President of the Young LNP in May 2013.


Anthony Spagnolo - WA President

spagnolo-low-resAnthony was elected President of the Western Australian Young Liberal Movement in July 2013, having also served on the executive of the UWA Liberal Club and the Western Australian Union of Liberal Students.

Anthony has played a central role in student politics for a number of years. He was the campaign manager for the Liberty team that won a convincing victory at the 2011 elections and saw the first Young Liberal become a UWA Guild President in over 25 years.

In addition to student elections, Anthony has worked on a number of State and Federal campaigns including State elections in New South Wales and Tasmania.

Anthony currently works for a Federal Member of Parliament in Perth and is completing a law degree from the University of London.


Simon Breheny - Vic President

breheny-low-resSimon Breheny was elected president of the Victorian Young Liberals in January 2014. He is a passionate advocate for the free market and individual rights, and works at free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs as Director, Legal Rights Project and Editor, FreedomWatch. Simon grew up in country Victoria and moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws at the University of Melbourne.


William Coats - Tas President

wc 99x130William was elected as President of the Young Liberals in Tasmania in February 2012.  Prior to this he has served in the roles of state treasurer of the Young Liberals in Tasmania, senate pre-selector, branch treasurer and vice president of the UTAS liberal students society.

Having grown up in Canberra, William moved to Tasmania to attend university, where he is currently finishing a combined Arts/Information systems degree part time.  Currently working in the business information field, William's professional interests are based around data analytics, big data and segmentation.


James Wallace - NSW President

wallace-low-resJames joined the party six years ago because he shared its commitment to liberal ideas – the rights of the individual, the dignity of humanity and the equality of all people before the law.

James has served on the NSW Executive since 2011 and was recently elected as President of the Division. James is a lawyer by training and currently works for a Federal Minister.

The NSW Young Liberal Movement has over 2, 000 members and 47 branches across the State. Under James' leadership the Movement is committed to providing an active and engaging experience for its members by giving them a voice in the Party and out in the community.


Rebecca Healy - CLP Youth President (Observer)

rh 99x130Rebecca Healy was elected the Country Liberals Party Youth President in 2011 and completed two years into her Bachelor of Laws - currently studying for Bachelor in Professional Communication. Rebecca and her partner own and operate several businesses including a large Motel in Central Australia.

Rebecca is a strong advocate for Economic Development and Child Protection in rural Northern Territory.  Rebecca was the NT Young Australian of the Year 2012 and Barnardo’s Australian Mother of the Year 2011 for her work with young people and children.

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